Hydroxychloroquine Visual Abstracts

Many months ago, when hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for COVID-19 was a hot topic, there was an initiative to create visual abstracts of the most relevant studies. As more promising treatments took center stage, this initiative was de-prioritized and ultimately discontinued.

I decided to post these today after hearing the news that Didier Raoult is taking legal action against a whistleblower and renowned expert in scientific misconduct, Dr. Elisabeth Bik. She wrote an excellent blog post detailing numerous serious concerns about the Raoult paper that launched the HCQ mania. Our group expressed many of the same concerns in our visual abstract of the paper, shown below:

We also produced a visual abstract for the study by Boulware et al., which showed HCQ was not an effective agent for pre-exposure prophylaxis.

Data for the visual abstract initiative was gathered and organized by fellow medical student (now doctor!) Julia Wagner; the project was supervised by Dr. Al Kim. I created the graphics using Adobe Illustrator.