Gene-Phenotype Glossary

There are a lot of terms for gene-phenotype interactions in genetics, and it can be very confusing! So I made this handy visual guide explaining the subtle differences between the terms allelic heterogeneity, epistasis, penetrance, expressivity, and pleiotropy! Please feel free to save it and share it with your classmates and colleagues — we are all in this together! #FOAMed

For this infographic, I tried something new: I drew it out first using traditional art methods (Whitelines Paper + Mildliner highlights + pen ink) then digitized it using Procreate on my iPad:

Let me know what you think of this approach on social media or in the comments section below!
Do you like it or do you prefer the traditional drawings on paper?
Would you have any interest in videos showing how I do this in Procreate?

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